Reinforce Microsoft® LyncTM with full-service contact center power

Combine unified communication possibilities with contact center facilities.Install Voxtron Communication Center and its newly developed Voxtron Client for Microsoft® LyncTM. You have all Lync facilities at your disposal with extra benefits.

Voxtron Communication Center

Voxtron Communication Center is the multimedia customer interaction solution of Voxtron. It provides call and contact center functionality for companies in different business areas. Voxtron Communication Center is available in 2 editions. The Express version serves the needs of small to medium sized companies (SMEs) while the Enterprise edition is developed for the enterprise market. Voxtron Communication Center offers a very straightforward, web-based administration and configuration. Even the most complex installations can be deployed in a short time and can be managed and maintained with little effort.
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Voxtron installations are situated in the world of call and contact centers, soft ACD (Automatic Call Distribution), voice portals, IVR (Interactive Voice Response), CTI (Computer Telephony Integration), presence information, intelligent routing of different media (voice, fax, email, chat), UM (Unified Messaging) and UC (Unified Communications). Thousands of customers are working every day with our solutions. A few example references are listed in the reference section.

Innovative Pricing Models

Every customer is unique. Voxtron understands this.
The volume of calls handled by an agent in the contact center of a mobile phone operator is huge, maybe 10 per hour, operating 2 or 3 shifts 7 days a week means over 50,000 calls per year per seat. An in-house IT specialist handles few calls per day, but they can be lengthy, maybe 15 per day on 250 days per year, means 3,750 calls per year per seat.
Do you believe one pricing model can be fair and transparent for such diverse operations? What all companies strive for is to connect each and every customer on the first attempt with the best available counterpart,…
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